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What is electrostatic painting?

Although the process of electrostatically painting metal objects and structures appears to be a modern space age system, its origins date back more than 70 years to 1941 U.S.A.

Harold Ransburg was granted a patent for an electrostatic painting process whereby a specialised painting machine would coat metal surfaces by applying an electrical charge to the paint and the surface that had to be painted.

It was leading edge technology at the time, which assisted the Second World War effort and was quickly adapted for use in automotive and other industries to massively reduce paint usage and provide exceptional quality spray finishes in a fraction of the time.

Company History

Fast forward to the early 1980s when  Ransburg Electro Painters Australia  became a licensed electrostatic applicator using similar mobile electrostatic equipment to that  invented by Harold Ransburg more than seventy years ago.

Thirty years later Ransburg Electro Painters Australia still provide quality on-site electrostatic service to a wide range of clients throughout many industries. We are dedicated to giving you great service and a high quality coating project that lasts.

Ransburg is Australia’s largest electro magnetic painting company and we service clients throughout melbourne metropolitan area.

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