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Our onsite magnetic painting services will suit you if you are looking to refurbish your quality metal assets at a fraction of the replacement cost.

How We Help

Faded powder coated  surfaces, steel frames, metal gates, window frames, doors, handrails and lockers to name a few of the many items we can respray for you.

Results You Can Expect

The finish you should expect from our works is that which you would get if the items were removed and re sprayed in a spray booth, obviously at a fraction of the removal, transport and re instatement cost.

How We Work

Ransburg Electro Painters Australia have a team of specialised applicators to come out to your premises or project site to perform our works. It is important to note that our electrostatic process should not be compared to other spray applications such as airless, conventional, or high volume low pressure systems where there is a considerable amount of overspray or airborne dust created by volume spraying methods.

Why Electro Magnetic Painting?

Electrostatic coating applications have virtually no over spray due to the paint being “magnetised” out of the gun and on to the target substrate.  Of course, we take considerable care in masking up surrounding surfaces to be certain in providing a quality project for you.

For more detailed electro painting services on specific items, please click on the links below:

  • Gates
  • Fences
  • Windows and Doors
  • Street Furniture
  • Previously Powder Coated Items
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