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If you have steel or metal substrates for painting which have previously been powder coated or are very ornate in nature then electrostatic coating applications are ideal for you.

Our highly trained spray operators use Ransburg Electro equipment, which statically charges the atomised coating as it leaves the spray head. The positively charged paint then seeks out metal surfaces in its vicinity and “wraps” the coating around the item being painted.

Unlike conventional or airless spray processes, the paint is statically drawn to the metal from all directions so there is no over spray – a great result for the worksite and the environment.

Yes. The specialist nature of our business means that we work regularly with building contractors, general painting contractors, and mechanical service contractors to deliver quality upgrades and refurbishment projects.

  • Work is done at your premises (we come to you)
  • Minimal downtime for you and your staff
  • Reduction in costs associated with dismantling and removal
  • Better to refurbish than to replace (less waste for the environment!)
  • Factory perfect spray finish every time
  • Uses less paint than traditional spray methods
  • No overspray

Yes – we will gladly and promptly respond to your project enquiry. If you can provide us some photos and dimensions of the works we will send you a prompt estimate by return email.

For projects of a large or complex nature we will arrange a suitable time to meet with you, discuss the logistics and specifications for the works, and then respond promptly with a detailed quotation or estimate.

  • 30 years in the industry
  • Australia’s largest electro magnetic painting provider
  • Wide service area including all of Victoria and Tasmania
  • Competitively priced because we are a small business
  • Iconic clients including Luna Park, University of Melbourne, and large private companies
  • Free project estimates
  • Fully insured – including public liability insurance
  • OH&S – Careful, safe approach to all projects, no matter how large or small

Yes – our electrostatic process and the materials we use are targeted as “green” options in an industry that traditionally has wasteful spray application methods.

We use paints which have low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Our application methods mean that a minimum of 90% of applied coatings actually apply to the target substrate. (With other spray techniques as little as 50% of paint reaches the surface).

Less paint is therefore required, which means less VOCs being released into the atmosphere.

After 30 years in business we are proud to stand behind the quality and durability of our work. We unconditionally guarantee our project works for coating’s adhesion to the metal substrate for a suitable length of time from project completion with the exception of wilful damage or mechanical abrasion to the surfaces painted.

We provide service to the greater Melbourne area and Victoria regional centres.

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